Treatments for lameness

Treatments for lameness

Today, a whole range of medical options is available to your veterinary surgeon. He will be able to advise you on the best treatment, depending on the exact condition from which your horse is suffering. Remember that rest and shoeing are often important aspects of the management of a horse with a locomotor disorder.



This is often the first treatment for lameness. Essential in cases of muscle or tendonFibrous structure connecting a muscle and a bone. damage, it cannot repair degenerativeCaused by wear, and associated with activity, work or ageing. disorders and is therefore rarely successful in osteoarticular conditions.



This is a very important part of the treatment of osteoarticular disorders.
 Firstly, it can restore the horse's balance, particularly when it is not square, which as we know can be the cause of many cases of lameness. Secondly, shoeing can alter the load on a leg, in order to relieve areas that are fragile or already damaged.